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Golden Memories:

"Scattering Sunshine" Through The Years

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  lefpic27.jpg (36520 bytes)
The oldest known photograph of the LeFevre Boys from 1930
Standing: Alphus LeFevre & James McCoy
Seated: Urias LeFevre & Johnny Yates
LefPic_BTSMaleQuartet1.jpg (88342 bytes)
Alphus LeFevre, James McCoy, Urias LeFevre & B. C. Robinson
The Bible Training School Quartet, organized in 1931
NOTE: This photograph may be from a later date.
Photo courtesy of Ellender (Mrs. Alphus) LeFevre
This photo closely matches another photo printed in the
1933 - 1934 Church of God Bible Training School Catalog.
The oldest existing photograph
after Eva Mae became the wife of Urias
Circa 1935  lefpic28.jpg (20460 bytes) Clockwise
beginning with Eva Mae:
Eva Mae, Urias, Johnny Yates & Alphus
Note: Uncle Alf's accordion is now on display
in the SGMA Hall of Fame
located at Dollywood
in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
The LeFevre Trio with Eva Mae's Dad
Rev. H. L. Whittington
LeFevreTrio_HLWhittington.jpg (64657 bytes)
NOTE: Rev. Whittington recently celebrated his 103rd birthday on July 15, 2001. He is one of a handful of men since Bible times to have been blessed by God to live in 3 Centuries:
1800s, 1900s, and now the 2000s!

We are currently gathering material for a tribute page to Reverend Whittington, a remarkable man who has touched so many lives by spreading the Good News of his Savior, Jesus Christ. He founded many churches, including the Hemphill Avenue Church of God in Atlanta, Georgia, now known as Mount Paran. Mount Paran is one of the largest assemblies in America.

The LeFevre Trio
lefpic29.jpg (27928 bytes)
Radio Days Circa 1940s

lefpic17.jpg (50426 bytes)  circa 1941
lefpic30.jpg (16346 bytes) Circa 1949
Seated: Eva Mae & Uncle Alf
Standing: Urias,
& Big Jim "Pappy" Waits
Hovie Lister, Jim Waits,
Urias, Eva Mae & Uncle Alf
EM_Waites_BK_NoUrias_NoAlf.jpg (56549 bytes)
Frankly, this one has the
webmaster stumped! LOL
Note that Urias & Alf are missing.
LeFevreTrio_Waites2.jpg (51983 bytes)
Eva Mae, Alphus
Jim Waite & Urias
lefpic28a.jpg (27793 bytes)
Eva Mae, Urias
Jim Waites & Alf
lefpic33.jpg (28089 bytes)  Circa 1950
Johnny Atkinson, Standing
Bob Prather, sitting
with the Trio
Lefpic18.jpg (71079 bytes)  circa 1952 lefpic31.jpg (15690 bytes)  Circa 1954
Seated: Urias & Eva Mae
Standing: Doug Prater,
Uncle Alf & Earl Terry
Alphus, Urias,
Bob Robinson & Bill Huey
LeFevreTrio_WGST_Bibletone.jpg (56776 bytes)
Publicity shot for LeFevre Trio's radio program on WGST Radio in Atlanta, Georgia with "Little Troy Lumpkin" & Doug Prater
(top left & top right)
lefpic25.jpg (77200 bytes)  circa 1953?
Seated: Eva Mae & Urias
Standing: Uncle Alf & Troy
TRIVIA:Perhaps the best loved song "Little Troy" Lumpkin ever sang, and the one which is still covered by SGM tenors today was: "Just One Rose Will Do"
The Gospel Singing

"This great caravan keeps on rolling along"
lefpic20.jpg (68699 bytes)
Gospel Singing Caravan Chorus
The LeFevres, hosts
The Blue Ridge Quartet
The Prophets
The Johnson Sisters
caravanb&w.jpg (59116 bytes) caravanb&w2.jpg (56324 bytes)
Elmo Fagg of the Blue Ridge Quartet works with the Gospel Singing Caravan Choir
caravanstageb&w.jpg (29322 bytes)
The Caravan on stage
lefevmalestagecarav.jpg (61393 bytes)
LeFevre Men
on Stage
caravancrew.jpg (21000 bytes)
Producer Stinson
works with the Caravan Crew
lefevmalecaravtv.jpg (43461 bytes)
Jimmy, Alf
Urias & Rex on camera
evamaessscommer1.jpg (39829 bytes)
Eva Mae's Commercials!
evamaessscommer2.jpg (24057 bytes)
Another commercial
for the "cure-all"
SSS Tonic!
It must have worked: just look at Eva Mae today! LOL
Plus her dad just turned 103 on July 15, 2001
Eva Mae got lots of mail from her
"Martha White Flour" commercials
EM_MarthaWhiteCommercial.jpg (203390 bytes)

lefpic19.jpg (57538 bytes) circa 1959 or 1960 ?
Eva Mae, Pierce, Jimmy, Urias,
Uncle Alf & Rex

lefpic01.jpg (70761 bytes)  circa 1965
Eva Mae, Uncle Alf, Pierce,
Urias (partially hidden),
Rex & Jimmy on the set of
The Gospel Singing Caravan

lefpic18a.jpg (56731 bytes) circa 1969 ?
Eva Mae, Uncle Alf
Pierce, Urias,
Jimmy Jones & Rex
caravanscript.jpg (28518 bytes)
Publicity sheet
for Caravan
lefpic21a.jpg (35827 bytes) lefpic21.jpg (71901 bytes)  circa 1965 or 1966 ?
Left to Right:
Busdriver Paul Hughes,
Uncle Alf, Jimmy, Urias,
Eva Mae, Pierce & Rex
lefpic24a.jpg (54997 bytes) lefpic30a.jpg (31130 bytes)
2 Solo Publicity Pix from the Caravan Days
lefpic22a.jpg (49719 bytes) lefpic19a.jpg (51205 bytes)
lefpic23.jpg (85610 bytes)
Seated: Eva Mae & Urias
Standing: Mylon, Pierce, Jimmy,
Uncle Alf & Rex
lefpic25a.jpg (43074 bytes)
Eva Mae in Center
Clockwise from top:
Urias, Rex, Pierce
Mylon, Alf
lefpic17a.jpg (42848 bytes)
Alf, Eva Mae
Urias, Pierce & Rex
lefpic29a.jpg (105445 bytes)
Eva Mae, Urias,
Uncle Alf, Pierce & Rex
LefPic_StoneMt_Bus.jpg (45065 bytes)
At historic Stone Mountain (near Atlanta) with the "Buffalo" bus
The 70s
lefpic08.jpg (88220 bytes)
Uncle Alf, Ron & Barbara Dailey
Urias, Eva Mae, Rex Nelon
& Rex Foster
lefpic15.jpg (53175 bytes)
Ron Jones, Uncle Alf,
Stan & Sharon Kennedy
Teresa McNeill, Urias,
Rex Foster & Rex Nelon
lefpic13.jpg (126963 bytes)  circa 1972
Standing: Teresa McNeill, Eva Mae,
Urias, Uncle Alf
Kneeling: Ron Hutchins,
'Little' Rex & 'Big' Rex
lefpic05.jpg (91720 bytes)  circa 1973
Standing: Urias, Ron,
Uncle Alf, Teresa,
'Little' Rex, 'Big' Rex
Seated: Eva Mae
lefpica.jpg (103198 bytes)
Eva Mae & The LeFevres
show off her 1974
"Queen of Gospel Music"
Singing News Fan award
lefpicd.jpg (115232 bytes)Eva Mae & Rex
with Don Butler & Eldridge Fox
at the International Song Festival
lefpicf.jpg (76933 bytes)      lefpice.jpg (111130 bytes)    EM_WW_Burt_Lef.jpg (58020 bytes)    EM_WW_JReed.jpg (182550 bytes)
Eva Mae & Uncle Alf take a break from filming in the Star's chair! LeFevres pose with
Burt Reynolds & Jerry Reed
Photos taken on the set of W. W. and the Dixie Dancekings
which starred Burt Reynolds as the "outlaw" & Art Carney as his nemesis!
The LeFevres appear briefly in a scene filmed on lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee (VERY BRIEFLY!) If you watch and listen very closely, you will see them on the back of a pickup truck riding behind Reynolds as he is escaping once again. The song was "Keep On The Firing Line"

Note: Eva Mae, along with the Gaither Vocal Band, and many of the Homecoming Family, appeared in a double episode of "Touched By An Angel".
    In addition to the show's regular performers, Delta Burke, Rue McClanahan, Randy Travis and John Schneider appeared together with many of the Homecoming Friends as a Gospel Singing Family which has to cope with a tragedy.
    We won't give away any more of the plot in case you missed the first run of the show! We are so glad that for once Gospel Singers, and our wonderful music, were both portrayed in a positive light, and Eva Mae even got to do a "big scream" as the "tragedy" occurs. Typecast as the "perfect matriarch" she cradles the little boy . . . oops, almost gave it away again. Eva Mae also appears and sings on stage in many of the singing scenes.
    According to all reports, the "Angel" cast and crew got a big kick out of Eva Mae. But then we would have to ask, "Who wouldn't!" LOL They even provided a wheeled chair so she could scoot around the set with ease.

lefpic03.jpg (91237 bytes)  circa 1973
Urias, Eva Mae
Dean Townsend, Teresa, Ron
Uncle Alf, ' Big' Rex
Seated: 'Little Rex
lefpic04.jpg (85613 bytes) circa 1974
'Stepping On The Clouds'
cover photo session
'Little' Rex, Teresa,
'Big' Rex' Uncle Alf,
Bobby Moore & Eva Mae
March 9, 1974: lefpicc.jpg (106028 bytes)
Another LeFevre page in the history books:

    On the very last night of the Grand Old Opry's tenure in the original Opry House, the Ryman Auditorium, The LeFevres -consisting of Eva Mae, Urias and Uncle Alf LeFevre; Rex Nelon, Rex Foster, Teresa McNeill and Ron Hutchins- sang two songs on Rev. Jimmy Snow's Friday Night "Grand-Ole Gospel" show.
    At the end of the service in the Ryman Auditorium -which incidentally was first built and used as a church-  the LeFevres joined with Carl Perkins, Gordon Terry, Johnny & June Carter Cash, Hank Snow & Mother Maybelle Carter on the actual final song sung in the old Ryman before the move, on Saturday, March 10, 1974, into the new Opry house at Opryland.

For you trivia buffs, the song was "Will The Circle Be Unbroken".
Aren't you glad it was a Gospel Song!

In fact, the event is memorialized with a double page photograph,
along with a recount of the evening, on pages 349 - 358 of the book:
Nashville's Grand Old Opry, written by Jack Hurst,
published in 1975 by Harry N. Abrams Publishers, of New York
-Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 75-14486-
    We have also found it documented in many other music history books, as well.

lefpic26.jpg (52966 bytes) circa 1974
at the NQC in Nashville
Ron, Janet Paschal, Eva Mae,
'Big' Rex' & 'Little' Rex
lefpic10.jpg (215360 bytes) circa 1974
Ron, Janet,
Uncle Alf & Rex
lefpic14.jpg (80621 bytes)  circa 1976
Ron, Janet, Uncle Alf, Big Rex
Seated: L to R
( Larry Gentry, Janet Pascal, Eva Mae)
lefpic12.jpg (70034 bytes) circa 1976
Another version
lefpic11.jpg (87472 bytes) Circa 1974
Janet, Ron,Dean, Alf, Eva Mae
Big Rex & Little Rex
lefpic16.jpg (106356 bytes)  Circa 1974
Ron, Alf, Janet, Eva Mae
Dean, Big Rex & Little Rex
lefpic26a.jpg (37297 bytes) lefpic27a.jpg (40851 bytes)
Standing: Rodney, Kelly, Janet
Rex & Greg
Seated: Robbie, Eva Mae & Rabbit
Greg, Kelly, Eva Mae, Janet
Rex, Rodney
Robbie & Rabbit
Eva Mae & The NELONS
lefpic07.jpg (77011 bytes)
Rodney, Robbie,
Greg, Rex
Eva Mae, Kelly & Janet
lefpic02.jpg (106136 bytes)
Rodney, 'Rabbit' Easter
Greg, Robbie, Rex
Janet, Eva Mae & Kelly
lefpic09.jpg (52476 bytes)
Janet, Rodnet, Kelly
Rex, Eva Mae
Robbie & Greg
lefpic06.jpg (80770 bytes)
Rodney Swain, Robbie Willis
Greg Cothran, Rex
Eva Mae, Janet & Kelly
EvaMae_Main_small.jpg (2674 bytes)
Eva Mae Today: Still Going Strong!

    Given the long history of the LeFevre name in Southern Gospel Music, please understand that this is but a small sampling of the many talented people who have been a part of the LeFevre's rich legacy. We regret that we are limited in our photo history by the availability of photographs.

    If you have photographs which we have not included, we would love to be able to scan them in for inclusion in the gallery. We promise that they will be returned, and you will have our eternal gratitude! Please send them to:

HeavensEdge Communications,
ATTN: Ron Hutchins
P O Box 1338
Bryson City, NC 28713
For inquiries, click here to email RHutchins1@aol.com
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